Become a Part of Genki’s Entertainment Show

This year, Genki will be trying something new to make the convention even better for our guests. We often hear about people, who are interested in performing at the opening ceremony, which is why we’re going to try something completely new and crazy!

During the cosplay show on Saturday, there will be a 30 minute intermission show while the judges vote and choose the recipients of our cool prizes. Genki’s entertainment team is working super hard to give guests an awesome experience, while they wait with bated breath for the results. That’s where you come in!

Can you dance, sing, perform magic, or something else entirely? Then we’re looking for YOU! Genki’s entertainment team is proud to present our new initiative: performance slots for soloists and groups, who want to perform for Genki’s guests and be part of an awesome show. We’ll make a very limited number of performance slots available, that will be filled with dance groups, singers, or others who have something to perform for the audience!

So do you and your friends want to participate in the race to become part of this unique initiative? Then send in your auditions as soon as possible! Fill out the application, which opens on January 1, with the relevant information and prepare yourselves!

NB! Due to limited amount slots, we can’t give everyone the chance to perform, but fear not! If turns out succesful, we’ll open for performance slots for Genki 2019.

In return for performing with the Entertainment team, you will receive a bronze ticket (free one-day ticket), which can be upgraded to a full weekend ticket at a reduced price.

We’re looking forward to it!!

// Genki’s Entertainment team