Dudus Arrrt

Photo by Cleanpig’s Hideout
Here is our first International cosplay judge; the Hungarian Dudus Arrrt!

Dudus Arrrt was a finalist at EuroCosplay 2015 as a representative for Hungary, and is known for her epic beards for her crossplays, which is why she’ll be hosting the panel How to Train Your Cosplay Beard at Genki 2018.

Message from Dudus Arrrt

Nice to meet you; I’m Dudus from Hungary, and I’ve been cosplaying since 2006, but I’ve been making my own costumes since 2010. My specialty is crossplaying, which in my case means that I’m a female dressing up as male characters, and my strengths are beard and prop making. I appreciate resemblance (to the character) the most, which is what I try to accomplish with my own cosplays.

I have been interested in costuming since I was a kid, and I always participated in masquerades in kindergarten and throughout my school life, but I only encountered cosplay at my first convention in Hungary.

Obviously, I was immediately drawn in, but since I didn’t have the skills for sewing or crafting, I had to first learn the ropes. This is why I got a LOT of help in the beginning, but now I can proudly say I do every part of my costumes by myself.

I won a few awards at Hungarian conventions and have been also a judge at cosplay competitions a few times (in Hungary and abroad). My biggest achievement is representing my country at EuroCosplay in 2015, where I won a Judge’s Award.

It will be my first time in Denmark, and I’m very excited to come to Genki since I’m very-very impressed by the cosplay and performance quality of Danish cosplayers, so I’m eager to see it in person.